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How To Use Your Smilie Teeth Whitening Kit

Expert whitening in 4 easy steps!

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Step 1.

Your Smilie Teeth Whitening Kit

Your teeth whitening kit comes with our dual-light LED device, 3 pre-loaded gel whitening pens (with precision brush) and USB charging cable. We’ve also included a handy shade guide, so you can easily keep track of your progress.

Step 2.

Applying the whitening gel

Remove pen from the bottom tray. Remove cap & twist pen until the gel appears (you may need several twists on the first use), then brush a generous amount of gel on to each tooth.

Step 3.

Activate the LED light

Remove the device from the tray and power on the LED device by pressing the button until the light turns on. Place the device in your mouth (you may need to bite down to hold in place).

Step 4.

Sit back and relax

After 16 minutes, the light will automatically switch off to let you know your treatment is done! Repeat daily for 6 consecutive days then complete a treatment every 2 weeks to maintain your brilliant results.