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With Smilie's at-home whitening kit, you'll notice a transformation after just one treatment. And if you've got sensitive teeth, Smilie's cutting-edge formula is specifically designed to be gentle on enamel. It features built-in desensitisers and soothers, so even the most sensitive teeth can achieve a brilliant result without any discomfort.

Trusted by 100,000+ customers
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In 2021, we developed Australia's most advanced at-home teeth whitening formula that guarantees faster and more effective results than ever before. Experience professional level whitening results with zero sensitivity. Uniquely designed for faster, longer lasting results.

Developed by Dentists

Developed by leading Australian Dental Association dentist, Dr. Daniel Tankard, Smilie is a combination of research and testing to ensure we deliver the very latest in advanced at-home teeth whitening that is safe, effective and affordable.

Designed for sensitive teeth

Formulated with desensitisers and soothers to be gentle on enamel for those with sensitive teeth and gums. With just a few minutes of usage per day, Smilie delivers brilliant results for even the most sensitive teeth.

Money-back guarantee

We believe purchasing a product with Smilie should make you happy, so if for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your results, we'll provide you with a full, no fuss refund.